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Royal Docks Communities Voice is a space for people who live, work and/or volunteer in London’s Royal Docks. It's a forum that aims to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing for all communities, residents, workers and businesses of the Royal Docks. As a network, RDCV seeks to encourage, empower and enable the involvement of local people in shaping where they live, to have a strong voice in decisions about the many active plans for development and investment into the area. 



RDCV’s aims are to:

  • Promote sustainability, economic growth and social wellbeing

  • Improve local skills and opportunities for employment

  • Increase social and affordable housing

  • Promote distinctive, healthy, safe and sustainable environment

  • Encourage community cohesion

  • Support local businesses, organisations and market traders

  • Develop places for all creative communities to flourish

  • Encourage young people to realise their potential

  • Protect and Maximise quality green, open and public spaces

  • Promote and protect all forms of Royal Docks heritage and identities

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