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A Neighbourhood Plan for the Royal Docks

A helpful guide to Neighbourhood Planning can be found on Locality's website.

Establishing a democratically constituted Neighbourhood Forum and Plan can empower local people via a recognised stakeholder status; ensuring they have a say in what and how development occurs; protecting what the community values; allowing funding to be captured from development of sites and spent on local improvement projects. A Neighbourhood Plan can also play an important role in bringing east and west of the Royal Docks Ward together, sharing in building a common vision for the unique and special qualities of this waterside neighbourhood and community.

RDCV has reviewed the current London Borough of Newham and Greater London Authority plans for the Docks and identified a viable neighbourhood area covering the current Royal Docks Ward. From meetings held across all four quarters of the Royal Docks, there has been strong interest expressed by local people in setting up a Neighbourhood Forum and Plan as a method of gaining recognition in planning for future change and investment in this Ward.

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How to get involved

In order for a Neighbourhood Plan to be successful, a Neighbourhood Forum should be made up of a diverse membership of people (ages 16+) living, working or volunteering within the proposed Neighbourhood Plan area. As well as long time residents, it is encouraged that teenage and young adults of the area to have a stronger voice in the planning of their community. Local organisations can also join as an ‘affiliated member’, as well as encouraging their individual members to join.

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