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Proposed neighbourhood plan boundary

Below is the proposed draft boundary for the Royal Docks as a defined neighbourhood area. This has been developed through discussions with local community members over the last few months and more recently further refined with inputs from attendees at RDCV's four Big Lunches held across the Royal Docks in March/April 2019. RDCV is now in the process of liaising with the planning department at the London Borough of Newham (LBN) on the boundary setting process and we are seeking further engagement by local communities on how this boundary can help define the development of a Royal Docks neighbourhood plan.

The Royal Docks has been a spatially and economically distinct area of Newham since its foundation. Dominated by an industrial legacy of enduring severance from the communities to the north caused by large scale infrastructure and industrial landholdings, this waterside location of docks and riverside is now rapidly developing into a set of new and large communities beside existing communities. The proposed Royal Docks neighbourhood area is a means of supporting local cohesion by establishing a common place of reference for a Neighbourhood Plan to develop in support of the LBN's Core Stategy, Local Plan and serving the interests of both local and borough-wide communities as a whole.

Please add any comments you have below. If you'd like to know more or get involved in working towards a Neighbourhood Plan for the Royal Docks, contact RDCV at

For a quick intro to neighbourhood planning, watch the Locality video

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