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New team at RDCV

During these difficult and uncertain times, the committee of RDCV has some positive developments to share, including the appointment of a new executive team.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 10th March at the Good Hotel. Members new and old gathered to look back at 2019 and to make important decisions about the future of the RDCV Forum. Upon reflecting, a very big thank you and cheer was had for Theca Meijer (chair), Emma-Jane Crace (vice-chair), Tim Peake (treasurer) and Sarah Atkinson (secretary), all of whom did a great job organising events and building connections in the community.

Emma in particular has carried the RDCV torch since 2016, an extra special thank you to her care and dedication.

With any AGM, it's tradition for committee members to nominate new candidates to take up roles on the executive team. This year saw a completely new set of faces. Your newly elected executive team includes:

Tracy Smith - Chair

Roy Lilley - Vice Chair

Phoenix Debola - Treasurer

James Edmunds - Secretary

Tracy Smith and Phoenix Debola, your new Exec committee
Phoenix Debola (left) and Tracy Smith (right)

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