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Good things come in... pairs

A pair of back to back weekend events dubbed 'Royal | Docks | Works' at this year's London Festival of Architecture (LFA) offered plenty of good things to reflect upon. Thank you to all those who pulled together to make these events possible, and thank you to all those who turned up to share your thoughts and your appetite!

Everyone brought a sense of pride in their community and a critical eye in supporting a productive debate on the Royal Docks. Many expressed their fascination with the stories told by the likes of Peter Dunn, Bob Colenutt and Loraine Leeson who revealed a history of activism in the Royals not seen in some time.

For those who didn't make it out, the programme leaflet is up online and can be found via the following link:

RDCV will publish a larger piece in due course. This will include a record of these events and others with what was discussed, illustrated, conceived. Below are just some of the photos from the past two weekends:

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