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RD Big Lunches

Over March and April, Royal Docks Communities Voice (RDCV) and People’s Kitchen held four consecutive Big Lunch events in four different locations across the Royal Docks. Over 100 people attended and it could be estimated that hundreds of pieces of vegan banana cranberry cake were consumed, along with dozens of savoy cabbage and dill salads, numerous crispy feta stuffed boregi, mounds of homemade hummus and piles of sweet fetteh aubergine.

A big thank you to all those who attended and helped chop and prep the food to make it a truly collective meal. And thank you to artists Floating Concrete, Kimbal Quist Bumstead and Debbie Kent for your artistry and facilitation.

Watch the video made by Toba, who just happened to drop-in to the last of the four events looking for a free lunch and well, he found so much more:

If you missed out, sorry to whet your appetite. And if you were there, then a big thank you for joining in, taking part and making these events memorable. Hopefully you met someone new, or learned something new, maybe improved your carrot grating technique.  RDCV would like to host you again and your help is needed.

In addition to enjoying a shared experience with neighbours, people got talking about the Royal Docks as a place to live and work, about what’s good, what’s not and what can change for the better. You might have noticed that not only were these events an opportunity to share in an experience and to meet your neighbours, but that the Big Lunches were created to get people talking about where they live, about what’s good, what’s bad and what can be done about it. RDCV had maps of the Royal Docks up on the walls defining the potential of a connected neighbourhood, planning documents at hand and RDCV members there to chat with you about living and working in the area.

Lookout for another Big Lunch event in the Royals this autumn which again will be about building connections and supporting locally-led projects.

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