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Round two of Open Community Mapping workshops coming 5 December

On the 21st of November, local residents attended the first planning session of the Open Community Mapping workshops set to take place in the new year. This was the first of two sessions to be held at the Britannia Village Hall in the Royal Docks over two weeks.

Participants brought their experiences of living in the Docks, their hopes and aspirations. It was a dialogue to share ideas, test activities and prepare for the coming workshops in the new year which will be designed to show how to map, what mapping is used for and why it's a powerful tool for communities to come together, to identify shared assets and to shape a vision for their area.

The next session will build upon the work from 21 November, while being an opportunity for more people to input on the process, and to shape the future participation of local communities during the workshops in the new year.

Open Community Mapping

Wednesday 5 December - 19:30 to 21:30

Britannia Village Hall

65 Evelyn Road

London E16 1TU

All photos by Naresh Kaushal

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