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Tate Lives Caravan

We have released the first Tate Lives project video entitled:

“Tate Lives Caravan Exhibition: North Woolwich and Silvertown, Royal Docks E16”. Paul Dudman - Archivist UEL

Further to this, on behalf of the Archives at UEL, we are also very pleased to announce that we have received new funding from the University of East London Civic Engagement fund for a project entitled "Living Community Archives: Participatory Community Heritage in North Woolwich and Silvertown." This will help to continue our community history and outreach projects in North Woolwich and Silvertown. Complete details will be posted up online in short order. Stay tuned.

Backstory: In October 2016 members of Royal Docks Community Voice and North Woolwich & Silvertown Neighbourhood Forum hatched an idea to honour the local heritage. Serendipity gave the opportunity to collaborate with Docklands University of East London. Hopefully we communicated well locally and you saw the posters, tipping the hat to the North Woolwich Pleasure Gardens music hall days, lost pubs & the Tate Institute Sports & Social Club. Summer 2017 Tate Lives mobile memory caravan interactive exhibition had a tour engaging with residents, gathering more great stories & sharing with newer residents. Thanks for everyone who got involved. All is safely held at UEL Archives. Follow the legacy journey here.

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