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Crossrail artwork, you don't say?

Community demand ownership over the commissioning of what could be the longest artwork in London or the UK, set to adorn Crossrail's (1.3km long, 3m high) barrier wall.

UP projects heads-up the 'public consultation' on September 21st, but will this really engage the community in a participatory manner? How does decorating something which segregates the neighbourhood actually improve its appearance to those who live with it day-to-day? Will the artwork reflect the function of a barrier created by a transit line that does not even serve the people who live in the Royal Docks?

Have your say: 21 September 2016: 16:30-17:30 at Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre - Albert Rd, London E16 2JB

Can't attend? Email RDCV with your comments and one of our representatives will share your concerns at the meeting on your behalf:

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